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Kelso’s Cubes

$129 plus shipping for one time purchase.

$105 with free shipping for a subscription.

Kelso’s Cubes are pre-dosed for each individual horse. Give your horse a Brave Horse treat during their AM and PM feeding.

Contents: 60 individually packaged treats

Serving Size: 1 Sugar Cube

Active Ingredients: 75mg or 100mg of CBD, based on your horse's needs

Weight: 6.5grams

Ingredients: Refined White Sugar, Brown Sugar, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, CBD Isolate, CBG Isolate, Tocopherol and Vitamin E

Package Dimensions:  8” x 10” x 3”



  1. Michelle Walsh (verified owner)

    I have had my horse on them for a month and a few weeks and am starting see the positive benefits of a calmer more relaxed horse! If you are on the fence give them a try – I see no down side and am curious to see with longer use what additional benefits might appear.

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