Jesse Peters

Jesse Peters

Master horsemanship instructor and business consultant

Master Horsemanship Instructor, Horse Development Specialist, Cowboy Mounted Shooting Competitor, Husband and Proud Father. Growing up on a farm, Jesse has been "Horsing Around" his entire life. He discovered his passion for teaching and learning in a career as a High School Agricultural Education Instructor.

While he was teaching a Horsemanship program, he discovered a love for Natural Horsemanship. Starting in 2001, he threw himself into learning how horses learn and think, how to read and understand
the horse and how to teach people and their horses at levels light years ahead, thanks to his mentor, Linda Parelli.

Jesse is currently certified as a Master Instructor in Linda Parellis Happy Horse Happy Life program. Jesse discovered the sport of Cowboy Mounted shooting and fell in love with the sport. It is the most fun a human can have on the back of a galloping horse!

As a clinician and horseman, nothing can replace the connection and foundation training needed to develop a CMSA horse. However, Jesse has been BLOWN AWAY with the huge positive changes his horses and his
students; horses have experienced on Brave Horse CBD. Jesse is always happy to share his horsemanship journey and his experience with Brave Horse CBD.

Jesse’s unique experience in the horse world has provided Brave Horse with
invaluable knowledge and resources. Jesse serves as a business consultant
and mentor for Brave Horse, and we could not be prouder to have him on our

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