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Welcome to Brave Horse

Do you dream of a horse that stands quietly, waits patiently, faces and acknowledges scary objects, and works through his fears without drama and danger?

So did we. That is why we developed our exclusive Brave Horse CBD products, each one carefully formulated for your horse’s wellness.

Best Sellers

Kelso’s Cubes

Discover why this is our #1 selling CBD & CBG treat. Made in the USA with Organic Hemp Seed and Vitamin E.


Kelso’s Cubes Trial Pack

Our trial pack is the perfect CBD & CBG treat for providing relief during stressful events.

$50/20 Pack

Bo’s OatBites

Enjoy the benefits of CBD & CBG Sugar free! Crafted for picky eaters and horses with PSSM, laminitis, and cushings.


Bo’s OatBites Trial Pack

Enjoy the benefits of CBD & CBG treats sugar free! Great for stressful events like trailer rides, vet, or farrier visits.

$65/20 Pack

Pappy Snax CBD treats for dogs

Pappy Snax are all-natural CBD cookies, that contain 25mg a treat.



Discover our 100% Organic Hemp Oil, with CBD and CBG, crafted for horses. Made in the USA, THC free, and third-party tested.


Pappy Snax CBD oil for dogs – Peanut Butter Flavor

Delicious peanut butter-flavored dog CBD oil for small and large dogs alike.


Pappy Snax CBD oil for dogs – Bacon Flavor

Delicious bacon-flavored dog CBD oil for small and large dogs alike.


Menthol CBD Cream

This anti-inflammatory botanical blend will soothe your aches and pains. Crafted for riders and horses.


Lemongrass CBD Cream

Brave Horse Lemongrass CBD cream has the power to sooth sore muscles and smells great!


CBD Lip Balm

Botanical CBD Lip Balm heals and soothes dry and cracked lips.


Brave Horse CBD/CBG can help horses with:


Pain & inflammation


Joint & Mobility Issues

Radiant Hair & coat

Behavioral Issues

Anxiety & PTSD


Why Brave Horse?

Pet Friendly

100% Natural Ingredients

Zero THC

Certified Organic Hemp

Made in the USA

Third Party Tested

Ethically Grown & Processed

Your journey to a calm and happy horse starts with Brave Horse

Discover our range
of handcrafted products.

Our Founder


Rebecca Van’t Hof created her dream, Brave Horse by blending her entrepreneurial flair and over three decades of bespoke customer service with her deep passion for horses. Outside of work, she enjoys family time and rides with her beloved horse, Kelso.

About our CBD


At Brave Horse, we’re dedicated to the science and safety of equine wellness. 

Our products are crafted from finely sourced organic CBD and CBG isolates from Colorado, full panel tested through a third party, by a nationally recognized cannabis lab in Chicago. Proudly made in the USA, our products are formulated by veterinary professionals, who are passionate about your horse’s wellness, and bringing joy to their life.

CBD, or cannabidiol, derived from hemp plants, is a crucial component that interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) found in all mammals. This interaction helps regulate vital functions such as sleep, mood, and pain. By supporting the ECS, our handcrafted blend of CBD and CBG works synergistically to optimize your horse’s well-being without causing any “high,” as affirmed by the World Health Organization.

Shannon Wilkens

Chemist specializing in Cannabis


So back in April of this year, I was training with Mr. Jesse Peters. He suggested I start Kat on Brave Horse’s CBD. We ordered the products, and within 2 weeks we saw incredible changes. Kat has always been a bit anxious, suffering from gastric issues and occasional joint stiffness. First off, she started eating like a rockstar, and then all of her issues disappeared. I took her through a pattern, I had to grab the horn, and it was like she kicked into turbo gear.

It’s been about 9 months that Kat has been on her treats. She has won me more buckles this year than ever before, we outrun the pro-level shooters, and our winnings keep coming. Not only is Kat a brave and confident horse, but she is a winning horse.

Ethan Ray Moody

Meet the Celebrity Ambassadors

Jesse Peters

Master horsemanship instructor and business consultant

A master horsemanship instructor who grew up on a farm, Jesse has spent a lifetime “horsing around.” His expertise as a horse development specialist and cowboy-mounted shooter enriches his role in guiding our product development and endorsing Brave Horse CBD, where he’s seen the transformative effects of CBD firsthand.

Linda Parelli


Happy Horse Happy Life Master Instructor

A leading expert in mindful riding and horse psychology, Linda is the co-founder of ‘Happy Horse, Happy Life’. She fully endorses Brave Horse CBD for its transformative qualities that create Calm, Brave, and Dependable horses. Her impactful books, speaking engagements, and numerous programs guide riders toward a more harmonious relationship with their treasured horses.

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