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Canine Cookies

$36.99 available on subscription from $28.99 / month

Canine Cookies with natural hemp extract are packed with 50mg of CBD per treat. 30 tasty and delicious Canine Cookies are great for large and small dogs alike. Give a whole cookie or break them in half for a 25mg dose.  

Description Box Information:

Canine Cookies are pre-dosed with 50mg of CBD in every treat. To keep a consistent level of CBD in your dog's system it is ideal to feed treats in the morning and evening. 

Contents: 30 CBD dog cookies

Serving Size: 

Large dogs (61-120lbs) give one to two treats per day. 

Medium dogs (20-60lbs) break treats in half and give one to two ½ treats per day. 

Small dogs (5-25lbs) break treats in quarters and give one to two ¼ treats per day.

Active Ingredients:

50mg of pure CBD isolate


  1. Tanya Bierman

    I started this on my cocker spaniel 5 days ago. I was able to stop giving her prednisone and she is not limping anymore. Her pain has improved greatly. I am hoping to see more results in the next month. I am hoping to see her run again. She is 7 years old.

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