A Horse Owner’s Guide to Administering CBD/CBG for Equine Wellness

Shannon Wilkens

Chemist specializing in Cannabis

So, you’ve done your research and are ready to introduce CBD/CBG into your horse’s care regimen, reaching for optimal equine wellness (Or maybe you haven’t – if you want to know more about the amazing benefits of CBD click here to read all about it!). Now you need to decide how to administer it to your beloved horse, but how do you decide which of the countless products is best for him? Let us break down the differences and guide you towards the best choice for you and your horse.

Chewables vs. Tinctures: Exploring the Two Methods of Giving Your Horse CBD.

There are two common methods of CBD/CBG ingestion for horses, each with its own unique benefits and advantages:

Your Horse Will Keep Coming Back: A Chewable Supplement

Easy to administer, it’s filled with other ingredients that make a delicious treat.
The digestive journey ensures gradual absorption, suitable for sustained release.

This easy-to-do option combines CBD/CBG with tasty ingredients that feel like you’re giving your horse a yummy treat. The digestive journey allows CBD/CBG to be exposed to the acids, enzymes, and other digestive juices in the stomach before it is metabolized by the liver. As it breaks down in this journey some of the CBD enters the bloodstream as well.1Cohen, L.A. Effect of Oral Cannabidiol (CBD) Supplementation in Horses and Effect on Feed Intake, Behavior and Blood Parameters. Master of Science Thesis. Tarleton State University: Stephenville, TX, 2021.

Direct to the Source: Orally through Tinctures

CBD and CBG Oil

Offers rapid absorption and heightened bioavailability.
Ideal for immediate effect, requiring less CBD/CBG for potential benefits

When your horse consumes CBD/CBG as a tincture, the CBD/CBG is absorbed under the tongue or along the cheek, through mucosal tissue in his mouth. This passes directly into the bloodstream2Bartlett, J. A.; van der Voort Maarschalk, K. Understanding the Oral Mucosal Absorption and Resulting Clinical Pharmacokinetics of Asenapine. AAPS PharmSciTech, 2012, 13, 1110–1115.ensuring the CBD/CBG has a more immediate and efficient absorption within the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

This method enhances the body’s use of CBD/CBG to be used by the body before it is broken down and eliminated as waste, allowing for lower doses compared to chewables for similar results. This means more CBD/CBG reaches the bloodstream to effectively engage and interact with receptors in the ECS.3Nelson, K. M.; Bisson, J.; Singh, G.; Graham, J. G.; Chen, S.-N.; Friesen, J. B.; Dahlin, J. L.; Niemitz, M.; Walters, M. A.; Pauli, G. F. The Essential Medicinal Chemistry of Cannabidiol (CBD). Journal of Med.

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Many people start their CBD journey with tinctures as it’s more direct and offers better benefits, but it’s not a good fit for all horses, so Brave Horse has developed a third method.

The Innovative Combination Crafted to Help Your Horse Kelso’s (Sugar) Cubes

Kelso's CubesA creative blend of a chewable treat and tincture-like absorption.
Saliva dissolves the sugar cube directly in the mouth, unlocking immediate results.

While your horse crunches on the sugar cube, his saliva melts the sugar and allows the CBD/CBG oil to be deposited on the mucosal tissue in the mouth. This allows more of the CBD/CBG to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, offering the powerful benefits of tincture in the form of a delicious treat.

Driven by our commitment to craft innovative solutions for equine health, we proudly developed other inclusive products so that all horses can be calm, brave, and dependable.

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Bo’s OatBites, an Inclusive Solution for Picky Eaters and Medical Conditions. 

Bo's OatbitesTailored for insulin-sensitive equine and medical issues, with one carbohydrate per treat.
Selective Eater Approval: Handcrafted to appeal to even the most picky eaters.

Bo’s OatBites were developed with love and care for horses with dietary sensitivities, medical conditions, or just plain frustrating picky eaters who are not a good match for tinctures or sugar cubes. These chewable treats are a great option for horses suffering from Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS), PSSM, Laminitis, Cushing’s, Insulin resistance, and other medical conditions.

They pack a heavy punch, packed with 100mg of CBD/CBG but only contain one carbohydrate per treat.

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Discover Relief: Brave Horse CBD Creams

Lemongrass CBD creamElevate your wellness with our exclusive CBD creams, designed for riders and horses alike. Enjoy temporary relief for aches, pains, and muscle discomfort with natural botanicals and CBD in two exquisite formulations:

Menthol CBD Cream: Experience instant relief with our Menthol CBD Cream, a cooling remedy targeted for inflammation and perfect after a long day of rigorous riding.
Lemongrass CBD Cream: Soothe and rejuvenate with our Lemongrass CBD Cream, combining fragrant relief with muscle relaxation for you and your steed.

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Is CBD safe? How do I know how much to give? How you know your CBD is safely made with care and love

Every product we offer comes with comprehensive dosage information, ensuring you can administer CBD with accuracy and confidence tailored to your horse’s specific weight. And if you’re ever in doubt, our expert team is always here, ready to answer your questions and assist you with personalized advice.

Dive into the world of CBD with the assurance of safety and efficacy. CBD is a natural, non-invasive approach to supplement your horse’s health. Our CBD is proudly grown in the USA, THC-free, and is meticulously third-party tested with the highest standards for equine wellness. Our handcrafted range of products are made in-house in small batches for quality control by cannabis chemists and horse lovers just like you! 

Choosing the best way to administer CBD/CBG to your horse may take some trial and error but understanding the common methods of ingestion can serve as a solid starting point. Unlock the full wellness potential of a Calm, Brave, Dependable companion with Brave Horse CBD.

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Shannon holds a B.S. in Chemistry from Loyola University Chicago and began her journey in cannabis chemistry in 2018. Passionate about cannabis science, she developed protocols for in-house testing, established cannabis testing and research labs across the USA, and trained future chemists.

At Brave Horse, Shannon serves as a chemist, ensuring product quality and championing the benefits of cannabis through chemistry education. Outside of work, she cherishes moments with her family and her playful boxer, Chance.

If you have any burning questions, she loves to answer anything chemistry-related!


Shannon Wilkens

Chemist specializing in Cannabis

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