Vinci, another of our Brave Horse Ambassador horses, is a fourteen-year-old Friesian gelding owned by Natalie Bellar-Sakes. Natalie bought Vinci from The Friesian Empire & Equine Center in Westerville, Ohio on January 9, 2019, and has boarded him at Transitions Equestrian Center since, where he is currently in training. His trainer, Katie Heberling-Peterson has worked with him for over a year. Katie describes Vinci as a smart and willing horse; however, she says he used to act like he had ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder. Katie says that since he began getting Brave Horse CBD six months ago, he has dramatically improved his focus and attention, and has made considerable progress in his training. He has gone from being a challenge to becoming a partner.

Vinci of the Friesian Empire has performed in several non-competitive expos around the area, including The Hoover Horse Fair in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Friesian World Expo in Detroit, Michigan as well as local performances at Transitions. He is a natural performer, because he is now Calm, Brave, and Dependable™, thanks to Brave Horse!