Taming the Storm: A Personal Guide to Easing Your Horse’s Anxiety

Shannon Wilkens

Chemist specializing in Cannabis

Ashley’s white Arabian, Star, was her best friend. Yet, underneath her beautiful coat and willing-to-please personality, there was a storm of anxiety. The restless pacing, the wide-eyed alertness, the distress over leaving her pasture mates – all unmistakable signs that Star was on edge. If you find yourself nodding along, recognizing these signs in your horse, you’re in the right place

Let’s delve into the world of horses with anxiety and explore the path to a calmer, happier equine partner.

How Do I Recognize the Signs of Anxiety in Horses?

Just as we exhibit a variety of symptoms when anxious, horses are no different. Here are some red flags you should look out for:

  • Restlessness and constant movement
  • Excessive sweating, even in cool weather
  • Rapid breathing and a high heart rate
  • An always-alert demeanor, jumping at the slightest sound or movement
  • Calling out to other horses when leaving the herd

Behaviorally, an anxious horse may also show:

  • Aggression towards humans or other horses
  • Refusal to follow commands
  • Attempts to escape from situations that cause stress

If any of these sound like your horse, it’s time to ask, “Well, where did this come from? How can I help my horse?”

But Why Do Horses Even Get Anxiety

Several factors can change a calm horse to one that’s fraught with anxiety. Common things include:

  •  Traumatic past experiences, including abuse or accidents
  • Separation from their herd, which goes against their natural instincts
  • Harsh training methods or neglect
  • A sudden change in environment or routine
  • Poor nutrition, which can affect their physical and mental health

Let’s not forget that illness, pain, lack of exercise, and inadequate mental stimulation can also play significant roles in triggering anxiety in horses.

Now What Do I Do? Tried-and-True Ways to Calm Your Horse

Traditional strategies that are tried and true are a great place to start for your anxious horse. Here’s some great ideas to begin with:

  • Create positive and consistent training to build your horse’s trust
  • Make sure your horse has a stable calm environment, that feels like a safe space
  • Provide consistent turn out
  • Social support through regular interaction with other horses is a BIG one.
  • Providing sufficient exercise to release pent-up energy and stress can make a huge difference as well.

CBD’s Unmatched Benefits on Horses with Anxiety

While traditional methods have their place, nowadays there is constant innovation and science, opening up new possibilities, like CBD.

Brave Horse’s CBD is specially formulated for horses by horse-loving cannabis chemists, and it’s designed to work in harmony with their unique physiology. We believe that healthy horses are Calm, Brave, and Dependable; here’s how that happens:

  • CBD has no psychoactive effects, so your horse is alert, and mentally aware, but calmer and anxiety-free.
  • Pain and inflammation are significantly reduced, improving overall comfort.
  • It’s a holistic supplement that boosts general well-being, and you’ll see a happier, more content horse.

A horse’s endocannabinoid system has naturally occurring cannabinoids found in brain tissue and other areas of the body. When anxiety is triggered, this system works to reduce stress and creates homeostasis. Brave Horse CBD boosts the body’s response by adding plant cannabinoids to the naturally occurring cannabinoids. A sense of calm washes over the horse, allowing them to follow your commands and feel safe, without affecting involuntary functions like movement, breathing, and blood flow.

Why CBD Could Be Your Horse’s New Best Friend

Trying Brave Horse CBD means you’re choosing a natural evidence-based, non-invasive way to manage your horse’s anxiety. We use THC-free and organic ingredients in CBD and CBG isolate. Our CBD is also ethically grown and processed in the USA. We trust but verify, that every batch is sent to a third-party lab where it is put through another full panel of testing to ensure that our products are clean and pure of residual solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, and microbials for safety and optimal wellness. 

When it comes to managing anxiety in horses, a comprehensive approach is key. Just like Ashley found a path to a calmer, more relaxed Star, you can help your horse find its inner peace. With a combination of traditional methods and innovative solutions like CBD, you can give your horse the happy and healthy life they deserve. 


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About the author


Shannon holds a B.S. in Chemistry from Loyola University Chicago and began her journey in cannabis chemistry in 2018. Passionate about cannabis science, she developed protocols for in-house testing, established cannabis testing and research labs across the USA, and trained future chemists.

At Brave Horse, Shannon serves as a chemist, ensuring product quality and championing the benefits of cannabis through chemistry education. Outside of work, she cherishes moments with her family and her playful boxer, Chance.

If you have any burning questions, she loves to answer anything chemistry-related!


Shannon Wilkens

Chemist specializing in Cannabis

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