Elizabeth Roch, a local real estate agent, had always wanted to own a horse but work and family commitments seemed to get in the way. Twelve years ago, when Liz was having difficultly getting pregnant again her husband Doug encouraged her to buy a horse to help take her mind off of things. Her neighbor just happened to be selling a sweet and gentle horse named Doc. Liz and Doc had a wonderful three months together and then she discovered she was pregnant. Doc had to wait a while, but he was at a great barn where he was happy and well-cared for.

After a few years, Kendall, their daughter decided she wanted to start riding Doc, so to have him a little closer to home, they moved Doc to a stable near New Buffalo, MI where they live. Unfortunately, the new barn was not properly caring for Doc. He began to colic multiple times and his personality changed to a fearful, neurotic, untrusting horse. Liz had to move fast and had Doc moved to a new barn. After a couple of years with careful training to win Doc’s trust back, CBD was suggested to help with Doc’s overall anxiety. Liz was willing to try anything to get her sweet gentle horse back. However, after a few months, she decided to stop the CBD to see if she could see a difference. The difference was dramatic! Doc is now back on Brave Horse CBD Treats for almost seven months now and has returned to the sweet gentle horse that Liz bought twelve years ago. And the good news is that Kendall is ready to start riding Doc again now that he is Calm Brave and Dependable™. Doc is a happy Brave Horse Ambassador!