Imagine a horse that comes to you when you whistle. Imagine a horse that calmly walks at your shoulder without a halter or lead rope. Imagine that same horse trotting or cantering circles around you, changing direction at your request, changing gaits at your request. No bridles, no halters, no ropes. Imagine a horse that looks to you for leadership and security.
Liberty training is a method of training that is based on a horse’s natural herd behavior, in which your horse learns to focus on you as his leader, taking his cues from you, following your signals without a physical connection to you. It starts with good groundwork to develop manners, respect, trust and consistency and builds into a relationship with your horse. Liberty training translates to a better connection with your horse whether you are on the ground, in the saddle or driving.
Click on the video above to see Bolero Rhapsody, an American Azteca and also one of our Brave Horse Ambassadors, on his first day of Liberty Training. At one point in this short video, he starts to look away from Allison but just a soft whistle gets his attention back and he turns to follow her. Note that while he is wearing a simple rope halter, there is no lead line. Allison is holding a dressage whip, but she never touches him with it. And of course, a scoop of oats as a reward never hurts! Stay tuned for Allison and Bo’s progress in Liberty!